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These pages are intended for use with the book Using Z by Jim Woodcock and Jim Davies, published by Prentice-Hall (ISBN number 0-13-948472-8).

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  1. Introduction
  2. Propositional Logic
  3. Predicate Logic
  4. Equality and Definite Description
  5. Sets
  6. Definitions
  7. Relations
  8. Functions
  9. Sequences
  10. Free Types
  11. Schemas
  12. Schema Operators
  13. Promotion
  14. Preconditions
  15. A File System
  1. Data Refinement
  2. Data Refinement and Schemas
  3. Functional Refinement
  4. Refinement Calculus
  5. A Telecommunications Protocol
  6. An Operating System Scheduler
  7. A Bounded Buffer Module
  8. A Save Area
  9. Index
  10. Notation
  11. Resources
  12. This Book
  13. Thanks
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(c) Jim Davies and Jim Woodcock 1997

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